Saturday, September 10, 2016


Sullivan-Cukierski Site Dig on 4 August 2016

Walter Cukierski

On August 4th we were fortunate to have the USDA come to the Sullivan-Cukierski site to try to detect features with ground penetrating radar.

 Even though we have not got the final report from the USDA, Ed Stein was able to analyze some of the rough data and identify some areas. By excavating those spots we have confirmed certain areas the Chapter excavated in the seventies. We also discovered a refuse pit that was previously dug. 
  We opened the pit up hoping to match it up to one of the pits dug in the seventies. That way we could try to reconstruct where the Chapter had dug and then avoid those spots. What we did not expect to discover is that about a third of the refuse pit was not excavated. We started excavating part of the remaining pit and found some nice artifacts.
  We found stone tools, wampum shell beads, glass trade beads, a ceramic gaming stone, a brass thimble, a fish hook, kaolin pipe pieces, brass fragments and many uncounted pieces of bone and shells. We made this discovery late in our last dig, so we are going to open up the rest of this pit on our next dig on Saturday, September 17.