Saturday, August 17, 2013


Robert D. Mason

I found this coin Monday 12 August 2013 while field surface hunting.  I won't say exactly where or what field.  However, it was in the Town of Norwich.  I was surely startled when I picked it up.

1774 Silver Spanish 2 Reale coin.  Reale coins came in different sizes and
values.  1/2 reale, 1 reale, 2 reale, 4 and 8 reales.

Dei Gratia Carlous III   -   God Graces Charles III
Hispan Etind Rex         -   Hence the King of Spain

There is a mint mark indicating this was made in Bolivia.  The same coins
were made in many different Spanish colonies at the time.  The Assayer's
mark is J.R.

The shield and coat of arms has two lions, indicating Spain.

I have done some reading on the Internet and found that Spanish silver was commonly
used as currency in the American colonies and even into the early to mid

Too bad it has a hole in it, but that was a common practice, especially
during the Civil War.  It might be given to a girlfriend for a necklace and
remembrance piece when a young fellow went off to war.  I have also read
that sometimes farmers would carry their coins on a string so not to lose
them.  Sometimes they had no pockets, for that might be something more for
a wealthier man to have.

Charles III was King of Spain 1759 - 1788


Thursday, August 8, 2013


Donald A. Windsor

The Chenango Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association held its annual picnic at the Rogers Center in Sherburne on Thursday evening 1 August 2013.  It started around 6:00 and ended around 7:45.

I do not have a group photo, so someone please send me one.  Here are the photos I took.

We had 19 participants; they were, in alphabetic order:  John Antonowicz, Leon Carlson, Barbara De Angelo, Marin Bennett, Monte Bennent, Rentha Bennett, Kevin DeSha, Vicky Jane, Bob Mason, A. Gail Merian, Charlene Moulton, Dave Moyer, Dan Noble,  Michael Raphael, Helen Tanner, Tyree Tanner, Don Windsor, Lila X, and Susan Avery Young.

Here is an action shot that Helen Tanner captured.