Saturday, July 28, 2012


Donald A.Windsor

Inspired by our work on the Mastodon Matrix Project, 8 of us went to its home base, the Museum of the Earth, on Friday 27 July 2012.  The Museum is located on the northeast side of State Route 96, almost 2 miles from the Cayuga Inlet in western Ithaca.

From the left, Dave Moyer, John Antonowicz, Pat Evans, Gail Merian, Don Windsor, Vicky Jayne, Joanie Rupprecht, and Barbara DeAngelo. The skeleton of the Hyde Park Mastodon, whose matrix we examined at our 3 May meeting, looms behind us in the photo. 

Bob Mason was here on Wednesday with his youth group.

The exhibits were informative and well presented.  They were based on the geological time scale, with a special display for each period.  However, they were quite superficial and offered no incentive to return.  This is a problem that vexes all museums and is why our history museum in Norwich is now changing its exhibits every few months.

While the visit was certainly worth while, I was disappointed by the meager offering of books for sale.

Anyone wishing to express a different view of the Museum is encouraged to do so.