Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 Donald A.Windsor

 New officers were elected at our Chapter meeting on Saturday 14 January 2012.

President = David Moyer
Vice-President = John Antonowicz
Treasurer = Robert Mason
Secretary = Donald A. Windsor

 The vote was unanimous. Two members rose to the officer ranks, Dave and Bob.  John returns for his third term.  I shifted from President to Secretary.  Terms are 2-years.

I was surprised to be awarded an engraved,ceremonial gavel.  The photo below shows Dave on the right presenting it to me.

It was indeed an honor and a privilege to serve and I regret having to leave.

For some mysterious reason, we neglected to take a photo of all four of the new officers.  We will try to get one at our next meeting on Saturday 11 February 2012, 1:00 pm at the Museum Research Center.